• 65 Flats for one person
  • 46 Flats for couples
  • 290 Single rooms
  • Metro, Bus
  • Central

Vestgrensa is a modern and relatively new student village, with nice standard rooms and flats. Vestgrensa is a few mins walk away from Blindern, and the gym, Athletica Domus is right on your doorstep. The underground is equally close and takes you right to the heart of Oslo in just a few minutes. In other words, most things are within reach from Vestgrensa.

UiO started construction of the Life of Science building in the vicinity of the student village in February 2019. This is a large project. The building will be completed in 2024 and includes development of nice outdoor areas. Noisy works will be carried out periodically while the work is in progress. Here you can read about the project.

From April - June 2020, the following works will be carried out:

• Drilling of steel pipes
• Stabilization of ground
• Excavation and plumbing works
• Concrete works

Noise and vibration are expected in connection with these works. The project states that they will continuously monitor the noise levels, dust and vibrations on surrounding areas to ensure that they comply within applicable legislation and regulations.

The underground at Forskningsparken and Ullevål Stadion are equidistant from the student house. There are also trams and several buses in the area.

Vestgrensa Student Village was built in two stages, the first house was finished in 1999 and the second in 2011. The student village has a roof terrace, 7 floors and 401 residences. You will share the bathroom with max. one other student and the kitchen with one or three people. Some of the housing units are adapted for wheelchair users and both buildings have hydronic heating.

Housing units

It takes 5 minutes to get from the student house to Ullevål Stadion with supermarkets, post office, pharmacy and many shops. The gym Athletica Domus is right outside your door and offers training facilities including  a swimming pool. Vestgrensa is also a short distance away from Nordmarka and Sognsvann if you feel the urge to be outdoors.

Trimveien 6 has its own laundry located in the basement.  Read more about payment and reserving time slot here. The studio flats and flats at Trimveien 8 all have washing machines in the bathrooms.

Bikes are parked in the outdoor bike shed or at the bike rack at Trimveien 6. 

The building next to the student village has a parking garage for cars. Aimo Park rents out the parking spots. Read more about the parking arrangement here

Some of the residences in the student house have their own storage room whilst others share. All storage rooms are located in the basement and are marked with residence numbers. Remember to buy a padlock for the storage room.

The fire alarm systems in the student village are connected directly to the Agency of Fire and Rescue Services. If you cause a false alarm, you will be charged for the fire brigade’s emergency cost. Read more about fire safety here.

 Mailboxes are located at the main entrance. Remember to mark them with your full name once you move in.

The residents of Trimveien 8 have access to a common roof terrace. Please show consideration to others in the student house when using the roof terrace. That means no barbequing, smoking or airing of carpets.