• 68 Flats for one person
  • 22 Flats for families
  • 36 Flats for couples
  • 276 Single rooms
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St. Hanshaugen Student Village has a superb location in a quiet and peaceful area right in the middle of the popular neighbourhood of St. Hanshaugen. This area has a thriving local community with lots of cosy cafés, shops and eateries. It has a central location to the majority of colleges in the city centre, such as HiOA, AHO or Westerdals Oslo ACT. Not to mention that St. Hanshaugen Student Village offers some of our cheapest living alternatives, so you will really get your money's worth here.

In 2017/2018 we will rehabilitate Bjerregaardsgate 21, which is a part of St.Hanshaugen Student Village. This implies that the tenants will experience some noise during the construction period.


There are many bus routes in the area and the bus stop for bus number 37 is close by. Bus line 37 has frequent departures around the clock and passes through large parts of Oslo. 

St. Hanshaugen Student Village consists of two newer and one older building. The oldest building is from 1962 and has 174 housing units. This is among our cheapest living alternatives, where single rooms share 1 kitchen and 2 bathrooms with up to 15 other students. Flats adapted for wheelchair users are located on the second and third floor.

The student village's newer buildings are from 2006 and consist of single rooms, studio flats and one bedroom flats. Some of these flats are adapted for wheelchair users.

One of the buildings has a great roof terrace and all buildings share a peaceful backyard with a small garden.

Housing units

St. Hanshaugen is one of Oslo's most popular residential areas - and with good reason. It has a peaceful and local atmosphere despite the fact that you are in the middle of the city. From St. Hanshaugen there is a short way to the city centre, Grünerløkka and Bislett.

The student house's laundry is located in the basement of Bjerregaardsgate 21. Read more about payment and reserving time slot here.

You can park your bike in the bike rack outside or inside the parking garage in the basement. Remember to mark bikes and strollers with a sticker available from the SiO Customer Service Centre. Read more about the regulations and how to acquire a parking spot here.

All housing units have their private storage room. Some are located inside the housing unit, others outside. Familiarise yourself with the location of your storage room when you move in. Remember to buy a padlock for the storage room.

If you have a flat with balcony remember to show consideration towards those living around you. This means no barbequing, smoking, airing carpets on the balcony or using it as storage. The same rules apply to the roof terrace in building 3.

The fire alarm systems in the student village are connected directly to the Agency of Fire and Rescue Services. If you cause a false alarm, you will be charged for the fire brigade’s emergency cost. Read more about fire safety here.

The majority of the student village has automatic fuses and fuse boxes inside the housing units. In the building on Bjerregaardsgate the fuse boxes are located in the corridor from the 4th to the 13th floor. You are responsible for buying fuses yourself. Wherever you live you are responsible for buying lightbulbs for your housing unit. Please contact us via My page if the lightbulbs in the common areas have burnt out and we will change them for you.