• 359 Flats for one person
  • 38 Flats for families
  • 35 Flats for couples
  • 1251 Single rooms
  • Metro, Bus
  • Just north of Ullevål Stadion

Sogn Student Village offers housing units in all shapes and sizes, and is located in quiet and green surroundings. Sogn is our second largest and our oldest student village. In the student village you will find kindergartens, a grocery shop, and the activity house Amatøren. Ullevål Stadion, with its many shops and underground to the city centre, is only a short walk away. Sogn Student Village is a good match whether you want to live alone, with your partner or children.

Rolf E. Stenersen's alley 16-22 is undergoing rehabilitation. Here we renovate all the residences that will be ready for occupancy during 2020. 

During 2020, we will upgrade the outdoor areas and carry out drainage work in Sogn Student Village. The work will cause noise in different locations in the student village. Information will be sent out about where / when the work will be carried out and what it entails in advance. Here you can read about what is taking place in Sogn Student Village.

The underground from Ullevål Station runs to the centre of Oslo. You can reach the city centre in less than 10 mins, with departures several times every quarter of an hour. There are also bus lines connecting Ullevål and Majorstuen.

Sogn Student Village has a total of 1683 housing units. There are many different types of housing units; from single rooms for one person to large flats for families.

Housing units

Sogn Student Village is just a stone's throw away from Sognsvann and Nordmarka. There are kindergartens, grocery shops and a study room with wireless internet access in the area.  Amatøren, the students' own activity house, is located on the property. The activity house hosts events such as concerts and quiz evenings.

Sogn Student Village has several laundries. Read more about payment and reserving time slot here.

The family flats at Rolf E. Stenersens allé 13, 15, 17 and 19 have their own laundries.

Bikes must be parked in the bike rack or bike sheds. 

You can rent a parking space for your car. Read more about the parking arrangement here

Your mailbox is located ain the entrance area of the building you live in. You have to notify the post office with the correct details of you new address. Writing your name on the mail box is not enough to receive your mail.

There is a study room with wireless internet access for students located at Rolf E. Stenersens allé 27. You can use your acces card to access the room. 

Everyone who lives in the student village has access to a storage room, either shared or private. The storage room is located in the attic or basement. Remember to buy a padlock for the storage room.

The fire alarm systems in the student village are connected directly to the Agency of Fire and Rescue Services. If you cause a false alarm, you will be charged for the fire brigade’s emergency cost. Read more about fire safety here.

You are responsible for changing the lightbulbs in your own housing unit. SiO Housing is responsible for changing the lightbulbs in bathroom and kitchen if you share with more than two people. If the lightbulbs in the common rooms burn out please contact us via My page.

If your flat has a balcony, it is important to be considerate towards those living with you. This means no barbequing, smoking, airing carpets or storage on balconies.