• 22 Flats for families
  • 91 Single rooms
  • Tram, Bus
  • Central

Sofienberg Student House is located at Grünerløkka, which is one of Oslo's most popular areas. The cafés, restaurants and small speciality shops in this area are numerous. Trams and buses depart right outside the student house and go directly to the city centre.

Sofienberg Student House consists of two buildings; one building with single room units for students living alone, and a townhouse with family flats.

The buildings face a large and cosy backyard, with lots of space for children to play in and for grownups to enjoy life on a bench in the sun.

Both trams and buses go to and from the city centre only two blocks away from the student house.

The student house on Skjelderups gate has 91 furnished single rooms. The single rooms all have their own private bathroom, while the tenants share the kitchen with other students. The shared kitchens have large balconies connected to them. The other building of Sofienberg Studenthus is located on Sverdrups gate and has 21 unfurnished flats for families with children.

Housing units

The student house's two buildings face a cosy backyard, which is a great place for outside activities during the summer months. The area also has several nice and popular city parks, and the Botanical Garden at Tøyen is a fantastic green city lung. There are lots of cafés, shops and restaurants in the area and the city centre is only a short walk away.

The student house's laundry is located on the ground floor on Skjelderups gate. Read more about payment and reserving time slot here.

The student house has bicycle parking in the bike shed in the backyard and in the bike racks on Sverdrups gate. Remember to mark your bike with a sticker, which you can pick up at the SiO Customer Service Centre. You will find street parking for cars outside the student house where municipal parking regulations apply.

The storage rooms for the single rooms on Skjelderups gate are located in the attic, and there is one common storage room in the corridor. The flats on Sverdrups gate all have their own attic storage room. Remember to buy a padlock for the storage room.

The fire alarm systems in the student village are connected directly to the Agency of Fire and Rescue Services. If you cause a false alarm, you will be charged for the fire brigade’s emergency cost. Read more about fire safety here.

Sofienberg Student House has automatic fuses. The building on Skjelderups gate has a fuse box in every corridor whilst the flats on Sverdrups gate have fuse boxes in every flat.

You are responsible for buying lightbulbs for your own housing unit. We at SiO Housing are responsible for changing lightbulbs in the common kitchen and other common areas. Please contact us via My page about lightbulbs that have burned out in common areas.

Please show consideration towards those who live around you when using the balcony. That means you must not barbeque, smoke, air carpets here or use the balcony for storage.