Would you like to move into a housing collective with one or more of your friends? At Sogn Studentby we now have a brand new friends housing collective!

About the friends housing collective

Vennekollektivet har et stort og hyggelig fellesrom

In the housing collective you live with 7 other students. You will have your own unfurnished living room of 11-12 m2 which you can furnish as you wish. The housing collective has two tiled, modern bathrooms with heated floors that you will all share.

The housing collective has a large and nice common room where you can cook, eat, study and have a good time together. The common room has a well-equipped and modern kitchen with 3 refrigerators, 2 cookers and a dishwasher. You also get your own cabinets and drawers for storing kitchen utensils and food.

The common room is furnished with a large dining table with chairs for all of you and 2 cozy seating areas with sofa, chairs and pouf. From the common room you have access to your own patio, and with the lawn and apple trees right outside this will be a nice place hang out in spring and summer.

Fellesrommet i kollektivet har to koselige sitteområder med sofa, stoler og puffer

A community

In this housing collective, we have slightly higher demands to those who live there to take responsibility for cleaning and for the community to work. This means that we want tenants to be motivated to create a community with the others who live there, contribute to everyone thriving and that you together find out how you like to live in the housing collective together, what routines you want, etc. In this housing collective you will do as much as you can on your own, but you will always have the opportunity to contact our caretaker service if there is something you need help with.

This is how you apply

Rundt spisebordet kan dere samles for hyggelige middager

Do you want to move into the friends housing collective with one or more of your friends? In the housing overview you will find under Sogn Student Village the housing type "Single room, unfurnished, co-living". Add this housing type to your application. If you are already living with us, add a comment in your application with the name of the friend(s) you wish to move into the collective with. It is important that the friend(s) who want to move there with you also send in an application and that you select the same date for preferred contract start. If you do not live in a SiO housing, you must send an email with the name of the person(s) you wish to live with.

The friends housing collective is a completely new pilot project for SiO Housing.