You are responsible for recycling all your waste:

  • Food scraps – green plastic bag
  • Plastic – blue plastic bag
  • Residual waste – normal plastic bag (is thrown out in the same container as green and blue bin bags. Green and blue bin bags are available for free at the supermarket)
  • Paper, cardboard, and drinking cartons are thrown in separate containers placed near your residence
  • Glass and metal are thrown into separate communal containers/collection points
  • Electronic appliances, batteries, paint, clothes, furniture, etc. must be delivered to the closest recycling centre
  • You can read more about recycling in the municipality of Oslo here

Do you live at Åråsen student house? Read about recycling in the municipality of Lillestrøm here (site in Norwegian).


  • Mark each waste bin in the kitchen with a type of waste – both in Norwegian and English – this will make it easier for everyone to recycle.