What to do when subletting your residence

  1. Remember that SiO Housing must approve of the sublet before the sub-lessee can move in. Application form can be found on My page.
  2. Apply as early as possible. Due to the necessary processing time, you should apply at least one week before you want the subletting period to start.
  3. You can not have unsettled business with SiO (such as owing rent etc). If you do, your application will not be approved.
  4. The person you are subletting to must be a student at one of our affiliated schools (with exception of June and July, where all students with a valid student id from a Norwegian educational institution can rent).
  5. You yourself are responsible for finding a student who can sublet before you can apply for subletting.
  6. The person you sublet to must apply according to our allocation rules and cannot have unsettled business with SiO (such as owing rent etc).
  7. You can not demand higher rent from your tenant than the rental amount you pay yourself.
  8. For the duration of your tenancy, you can sublet your student residence for a period of up to 6 months. In addition you may sublet in June and July each year.
  9. Although you are subletting your residence to another student, you are still fully responsible for it in terms of rental contract and regulations. Remember to inform the new tenant about the house rules.
  10. We recommend setting up a written agreement with the person you sublet to. Here is an example of a subletting contract.
  11. If you are subletting a residence from a SiO tenant, please note that you cannot have a tenancy contract with SiO at the same time.
  12. You are responsible for notifying SiO if your subletting agreement is cancelled. If you don't notify SiO, the cancelled part of the subletting period will be added to the calculation of the allowed subletting period the next time you apply for subletting