At most of our accommodations we offer rental parking spaces from Q-park for tenants. At Carl Berner, Iladalen, Nedre Ullevål 7, Stensberggata, St. Hanshaugen and Åråsen Student House we have a special agreement with Europark.

Q-Park administers parking for tenants in the following student villages
Bjølsen, Grünerløkka, Enerhaugen, Kringsjå, Nedre Ullevål 9, Nordberg, Nydalen, Pilestredet, Pilestredet Park, Rodeløkka, Tullinløkka, Sogn- and Vestgrensa Student Villages.

Application and prices
As a student living in a SiO accommodation you get 50% off when renting a parking spot from Q-Park. To receive the discount you must use a certain code. Log on to My page to retrieve your code. Regular short term parking can be paid at the parking meter.

For more information please contact Q-Park customer service.