Remember to terminate your contract 2 or 3 months in advance before you wish to move out. Clean properly before you move out in order to get your full deposit refunded. Thank you for staying with us!

List of things to remember when moving out
  1. Give notice that you want to terminate the contract. Your notice period is 2 or 3 months depending on your type of accommodation. Your termination is effective from the 15th or the last day of the month, and you will pay rent for the entire period.
  2. When you move out, you must empty your residence and clean properly. Please use this checklist when cleaning out of a room, and this checklist when cleaning out of a flat. Remeber to clear all cabinets, fridge, freezer and storage room.
  3. Check that your account information on My page is correct so that we can return your deposit. If you are entitled to have your deposit back, you will generally receive this within 30 days  after you have moved out. We pay out deposits on a consecutively basis, but in periods when a large number of tenants are moving out it may take longer. Note that the deposit is transferred in NOK, so you need to provide us with an account that accepts this currency.
  4. If you want to refund money from your laundry card, you need to contact the Customer Service Centre before returning your keys.
  5. Remember to notify the postal authorities about your moving in due time.
  6. Register that you have moved out/hand in keys and cards.