Moving in
Are you moving in? Read about picking up your key/access card here.

Access card
You must hold your access card to a lock for a few seconds to lock/unlock a door. If you use your card on five doors you do not have access to, the card will be blocked.

If you are experiencing issues with your card, you can try to update it on a black encoder. The encoder is in the entrance area of your building, or near the laundry or waste room. Contact SiO Customer Service if you are still experiencing issues with the card.

If you are experiencing issues with a lock, you can contact the caretaker here.

Lost keys or access card
If you have lost your access card, you can buy a new one in the Customer Service Centre for 100 NOK.

If you have lost the metal key to your residence, contact the Customer Service Centre.

If you have lost your mailbox key, the Customer Service Centre can order a new one for you. A new mailbox key costs 150 NOK.

If you lose your key or access card outside of opening hours, you can call 22 85 32 00 to be locked in by Securitas. You can find the prices for this here.

If you as the tenant cannot pick up new keys/access card yourself, and your cohabitant or others are picking them up for you, you must send an authorisation to us in advance.

Moving out
Are you moving out? Read about checking out and handing in keys here.