Useful information about Internet in your residence

We are upgrading broadband speeds in residences to 100Mbit / s, and change supplier from Lynet to Telia / Get in 2020. The following student villages and houses have so far replaced Lynet with Telia / Get: Ullevål, Kringsjå, Bjølsen, Nordberg, Nydalen and Enerhaugen. A speed of 100/100 Mbit / s downloads and uploads are included in the rent and available in all student housing here.

For more information see Get’s website or contact Get on phone 21 54 54 54. During 2020 it will be possible to order increased speed and other additional services from Get.

The other student villages / houses for the time being still have Lynet as supplier.

Information to you who still have Lynet as supplier

How to connect to the network in the residence
You do not need a modem to connect to the network, all that is needed is a network cable between the wall socket and your computer.

In some SiO residences there are several similar wall socket. Only one of these has Lynet connected. An overview of correct wall socket at your address can be found here:

If you want a wireless network, you buy yourself the wireless router that suits your purposes.

More information about our product can be found at Lynet’s web site:

Do you want to upgrade your speed?
A speed of 20/20 Mbit/s download and uploads are included in the rent and available in all student residences. If you want higher speed, you can upgrade your speed to 100/100 Mbit/s for NOK 99, - / month at Lynet’s web site. For the extra subscription you will get an invoice directly from Lynet.   

For order and more information about the Internet from Lynet, please visit

TV is not included in our housing services. If you want a TV subscription, you can order this through the Internet, for example from RiksTV or Get. It is not possible to order cable TV in our residences.