Remember to get a home contents insurance when you move in to our student houses – you are not insured through SiO. You can check if you are insured through your parents insurance, an organisation you are a member of, or alternatively buy your own. Many insurance companies offer reasonable insurances to students, if you find out that you need to buy your own home contents insurance.

Why get a home contents insurance? If unexpected incidents such as fire, water damage, burglary in your housing and storage room occurs, this can lead to expenses and losses for you as a tenant. You can use your home contents insurance to decrease your own financial loss in such situations. If you do not have this insurance, you will have to cover these extra expenses yourself. It may be expenses for a place to live if your housing becomes uninhabitable, or costs for clothes, books, bicycle, computer etc. that you need in your daily life. There can be differences in what the individual home contents insurance covers and how much deductible you have to pay to use the insurance, this is something you should find out before buying your own insurance.