How to prevent Corona disease  
In student residences, you live especially close to others. Therefore, it is important to maintain good hygiene, especially in common areas shared with others. To prevent disease, you should try to cough and sneeze into tissues and dispose of them in a waste bin immediately after use and you shall keep at least 1 meter distance to others and 2 meters when you are more than 15 minutes in the same room / zone. The authorities now allow gathering in groups up to 20 persons 

Good hand hygiene, for ill persons as well as healthy persons, is an effective measure to prevent contact transmission. Wash your hands often and thoroughly with soap and lukewarm water, especially if you have been out among other people. If your hands are visibly dirty or wet, hand disinfection has a reduced effect, and your hands should be cleaned with soap and water. 

Measures in our accommodations 
SiO is following the situation regarding the coronavirus closely and is following the advice and recommendations given by the Norwegian Institute of Public Health. We are conducting extra cleaning of all residences before a new tenant moves in. 

For you who are moving into a student residence, it is important that you stay updated on and follow the recommendations from the Norwegian Institute of Public Health regarding infection control measures and rules for home quarantine and home isolation. 

What do I do if I am placed in home quarantine or isolation? 
If you are, it is important that you notify SiO Customer Service by calling 22 85 32 00. It is also important that you inform any neighbors with whom you share a bathroom / kitchen. 

For more information about infection control measures and rules for home quarantine and isolation, see the Norwegian Institute for Public Health´s webpages,