Things you should be aware if you are cohabiting

  • When you apply for housing you must include personal data about your cohabitant. If your cohabitant moves out, you must notify us. If you get a new cohabitant, you need to contact us so that we can register his / her personal data in our systems.
  • The regulation that the tenant cannot be over 35 years and must be a SiO student does not apply for cohabitants. However, couples where both are students are prioritised over couples where only the tenant is a student.
  • If a cohabitant has lived in SiO Housing for more than five years in total, either as a tenant or cohabitant, he / she has reached the maximum period of residence in SiO.

The cohabitant does not have the same rights as a tenant. Generally the rule is that all inquiries must be initiated by the tenant. Here are some of the incidences where a partner will need an authorization by the main tenant:

  • To be issued keys / access card / mail box key
  • To be locked in by a caretaker
  • To obtain a new laundry card
  • To fill the laundry card at the SiO Customer Service Centre