Things you should be aware if you are cohabiting

  • When you apply for housing you must include personal data about your cohabitant. If your cohabitant moves out, you must notify us. If you get a new cohabitant, you need to contact us so that we can register his / her personal data in our systems.
  • The regulation that the tenant cannot be over 35 years and must be a SiO student does not apply for cohabitants. However, couples where both are students are prioritised over couples where only the tenant is a student.
  • If a cohabitant has lived in SiO Housing for more than five years in total, either as a tenant or cohabitant, he / she has reached the maximum period of residence in SiO.

The cohabitant does not have the same rights as a tenant. Generally the rule is that all inquiries must be initiated by the tenant. Here are some of the incidences where a partner will need an authorization by the main tenant:

  • To be issued keys / access card / mail box key
  • To be locked in by a caretaker
  • To obtain a new laundry card
  • To fill the laundry card at the SiO Customer Service Centre

Authorisation for picking up keys in your absence 
If someone you know are going to pick up your keys for you, you need to send us information about the person you authorise. You will get a confirmation from us once we have checked the authorisation.
In order for the authorisation to be valid, please follow these steps:

  • The authorisation must be sent from My page or your registered e-mail address
  • In the subject field, please write «AUTHORISATION»
  • In the text field, please write what you want to give an authorisation for, who you give it to, and the birth date of the person you give the authorisation to
  • Please attach a scanned picture of your passport
  • Remind the person who will pick up your keys to bring their own valid ID when they come to collect your keys