Before moving out you must clean your accommodation properly:

  • Floor
  • Windows and windowsills
  • Mirror, lamps, doors, stains on walls etc.
  • All cupboards and shelves inside out, both in the kitchen and bathroom
  • Oven and sink
  • Fridge and ventilator
  • The whole bathroom, including the shower
  • Wash and/or vacuum clean furniture if you rented a furnished accommodation

Use this checklist when cleaning before moving.

If your residence is not satisfactory cleaned when you move out, you will be billed by us for having to clean your residence. 

If you aren't sure you have cleaned well enough, you may order a cleaning control from the caretaker when you have finished cleaning. The caretaker will perform an inspection of your residence, and tell you whether the cleaning is satisfactory or not. The inspection is free of charge and is carried out between 7:00 and 15:00 Monday to Friday. You are only entitled to receive one inspection, and you must hand in your keys to SiO after the cleaning inspection is carried out. If you would like a cleaning control you can book this on My page before moving out.