Loneliness and relationships

Feeling lonely or want to improve your relationships? Here you will find useful tools and tips.


Do you want advice about your specific situation? Ask anonymously and receive answers from SiO's psychologists, doctors, and counselors. The website is in norwegian, but you can write and get an answer in english.

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Feeling lonely?

Are you new to the city? Or has it been more challenging to meet new people than you expected before starting your studies?

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Surrounded by friends, yet feeling lonely?

Loneliness is not the same as being alone; it can also be a feeling. Why does this feeling arise when you have friends around you? And what does it mean?

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The Emotion Compass

Emotions play a significant role in our relationships. On this website, you will find self-tests, exercises, and tools to understand and manage your own and others' emotions.

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Tired of being self-conscious and anxious?

Free app, specially designed for students who are socially insecure or struggle with self-consciousness. The app guides you through knowledge and exercises presented as games. (In Norwegian)

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Video course for social anxiety

Psychologist Magnus Nordmo has created a video series with advice and exercises for managing social anxiety. The video series covers what you would learn in typical psychotherapy. (In Norwegian)

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Worksheets for video course on social anxiety

The above video series has accompanying worksheets where you can assess yourself and track your progress. (In Norwegian)

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