Medical help and general practitioner

As a student in Oslo, it’s very practical to have your general practitioner at SiO Health. Here you’ll get access to experienced doctors, and you’ll receive refunds for all health expenses you have over 470 NOK per year.

Here’s how to switch to a GP in SiO

  1. 1

    Log in to with BankID

  2. 2

    See the list of SiO general practitioners

  3. 3

    Choose the doctor you want to have

Get to know our GPs

See the general practitioners who work at our different healthcare centers, and which specialties there are.

Our doctors

Apply for a refund of health expenses

You can apply for a refund of healthcare-related expenses with your GP that exceed 470 NOK per year. This means that you pay a maximum of 470 NOK per year, and that SiO covers the rest of your expenses.

More information about healthcare expences

Advantages of having a GP at SiO

  1. 1

    Good knowledge about student health

  2. 2

    Good prices and healthcare expenses refund

  3. 3

    We offer video consultations

Our healthcare centers

Our general practitioners can be found at our three healthcare centers at Blindern, Nydalen, and in the city center.

See our healthcare centers
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