As a student in Oslo, it’s a good idea to use a dentist from SiO. We offer student-friendly prices and professional dentists and dental hygienists. Our dental clinic is top modern, and located at Blindern.

Refund of dental treatment

If you pay more than NOK 5,000 for one treatment you can apply for a refund, and in some cases get money back. One treatment is, for example, a bridge or a crown. Root canal and crown will count as two different treatments.

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Our dental clinic

We have a modern dental clinic at SiO Health Blindern. We are open during the day, and in the evenings several nights a week.

Address and opening hours
Receive treatment from dentistry students for low prices

We collaborate with the dental faculty, where the student dentists can treat you for student-friendly prices. Dental students will always have support and guidance from an experienced dentist. Call the dental faculty at 22853300 if you’d like to book an appointment.

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