Are you travelling? In addition to taking the necessary vaccines, there are many actions you can take in order to prevent your trip from being ruined by illness. Here’s our top tips for healthy travelling.


Hand hygiene is crucial to staying healthy. Wash your hands often, and remember to bring antibactierial gel or spray.

Food and beverages

"Boil it, cook it, peel it or forget it" is the rule of thumb to avoid food poisoning. Drink boiled or bottled water and avoid ice cubes. Be careful with foods containing dairy products and avoid dishes containing mayonnaise.

Your own travel pharmacy

It is a good idea to bring band aids, sanitizer for wounds, motion sickness tablets, pills to stop diarrhoea, mosquito repellent, condoms - and of course sunscreen. Just to be on the safe side remember to bring extra medication for your trip. Consult with your GP or us if you need to bring documentation on the medication you are using.

Beware of the mosquitoes

In the tropics, diseases can be transmitted through mosquito bites. If necessarily apply sunscreen first and then wait 20 minutes before you apply mosquito spray/cream. It is a good idea to cover your bed with mosquito nets sprayed with Permetin at night. Please make sure to check if you need to bring malaria tablets on your trip.

Remember insurance

Remember to bring your travel insurance card! If you are travelling to another EEA country, remember to bring your European health insurance card from HELFO.
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Pregnant or travelling with children

If you are pregnant or are travelling with small children, you need to take some extra precautions. Talk to your GP or ask us for more information.
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