We encourage all students in Oslo to register their desire for a vaccination at Oslo countys webpages regardless of whether you belong to a priority group or not.

Covid-19 vaccination takes place at Oslo Municipality´s vaccination centers in the city districts. We do not currently vaccinate against covid-19 at SiO Health.

Don´t have a Bank ID or a Norwegian social security number?
To be registered in the vaccination queue you must call the corona telephone at 21 80 21 82. Choose key selection "vaccine" and you will be put through to the vaccine center.

You can receive help in 23 different languages, and you can also get access to interpreting services.

Are you going abroad to study?
Vaccination of those between 18-24 years has started. Those between ages of 25-39 will be summoned from week 26. When you receive an SMS from Oslo municipality, you choose the time for vaccination for both dose 1 and 2.

If the appointment for dose 2 will be too late for you departure, you must bring some form of verification for your studies abroad when showing up to get vaccine dose 1. Dose 2 will then be able to be accelerated so that you have time to get it before departure. The minimum interval between the two vaccines is 3-4 weeks.

Have you been vaccinated abroad?
From June 16 can EMA approved covid vaccinations taken abroad be registered in The National Vaccination Registry. To have your vaccination reviewed for registration you will need a Norwegian personal number. Please start an electronic consultation with your physician and download the required documentation. This must include vaccine code name, batch number, signature / stamp of the resposible agency. You can also use an EU or ECC corona certificate,as your documentation.  

Students staying in different municipalities for vaccine dose 1 and 2
The main rule is that dose 1 and 2 should be put in the same municipality. As of now, individual adaptations and adaptions are difficult.

SiO Health has previously assisted Oslo Municipality in vaccinating its own list of patients in priority Groups 5, 6 and 7. If you didn´t receive  notice of vaccination and belong to priority Group 5,6 or 7, you must contact your GP at SiO Helath or the municipality´s vaccination center.


For information about priority groups, please see