Why choose us?

  • You will get a GP who has broad experience with student related problems.
  • All our GP’s specialise in general medicine, or they are about to specialise. 
  • Public health nurse, vaccinations, tests etc are all part of the offering. 
  • If your health expenses exceed NOK 350 per calender year, you can apply for a refund, given that your GP is from SiO.  
  • Patients can book appointments online (ordinary appointments, e-consultations or video consultations). 
  • You can change back to your old GP within 3 years (unless you have officially changed your address).
  • Register new user or log in

    To get your GP with SiO you must have a My page user, or log in if you already have a user.

  • Inform HELFO

    Click on the button below to change your GP. You will be redirected to My page where you can notify HELFO (The Norwegian Health Economics Administration) that you are a student and that you want a regular GP with SiO. Once your message to HELFO has been sent, your will receive a confirmation e-mail.

  • Log in to HELFO

    The official GP change will take place at helsenorge.no

    Select “Oslo” as county and “Nordre Aker” as district.

    You will then see a list of our GPs and their availability. Read more about our GPs here