Always prepare beforehand to get the most out of your appointment. Here are some of the things you might need to think through before your appointment.

Is it urgent?

If you are acutely ill and need medical attention on the same day, you can book one of our emergency appointments. Urgent appointments are made available for booking on the same day, either via electronic booking ("e-hastetime") on (Link: or by calling 22 85 33 00 when the health center opens.

If you suspect a urinary tract infection, please bring morning urine.

Write a list

What do you want to address? Write a list with everything you wish to discuss with your doctor so you won't forget anything. Details such as what symptoms you've experienced, medications you are using and former illnesses, will give the GP important information on how to treat you.

An appointment lasts on average 15 minutes

In other words, your time with the doctor is limited. If you have a lot on your mind, you might need to book a new appointment with your GP.

Be early

Make sure to show up on time, and notify the reception staff that you have arrived. If you know you are having blood tests, please arrive about 15 minutes before your appointment.

Urine specimen

If you are seeing the doctor for a pregnancy check or if you suspect UTI (urinary tract infections), you should bring a sample of your morning urine.

A container for urine samples can be bought at our health centres or at any pharmacy.


If you are having a maternity check-up, you should arrive about 30 minutes prior to your doctor's appointment. This way, we're able to do necessary lab work. Notify the reception staff when you arrive. Please remember to always bring a sample of your morning urine to your maternity check-up.

Ill during exams

If you become ill during your exams, you have to contact your GP the same day. Make sure you have read and understood the exam rules on absence caused by illness.