If you have your regular General Practitioner (GP) at SiO, your co-pay for an ordinary consultation is NOK 152 if the doctor is not a specialist in general medicine, and NOK 201 if the doctor is a specialist. Additional costs apply if the doctor takes tests or samples or use special medical equipment during examination or treatment.

As a regular GP patient with us, you can get your expenses reimbursed if they exceed NOK 350,- per calendar year.

You are welcome to apply to get all your health expenses reimbursed, as long as the clinic is approved for co-pay (Egenandelstak 1 at HELFO). 

Examples of expenses that qualify for refund: 

  • Doctor’s appointments  
  • Psychologist appointments
  • Medications and medical equipment classified as ‘blue prescription’
  • Policlinic visits at a hospital
  • X-rays
  • Transportations, for example to the hospital
  • Specialists with reimbursement agreement

Expenses for medical supplies used during examination or treatments, handling charges and travel vaccines do not qualify for reimbursement.

If your expenses exceed the exemption card limit of NOK 2.205, -, HELFO will cover them for the rest of the year. When your expenses reach the exemption card limit, HELFO will send you an exemption card.

Applying for a refund

It is up to you whether you want to apply for reimbursement every semester, or each year. The deadline for applying is July 16th (spring semester) and January 31st (fall semester or full year).

Apply for reimbursement

The refund will be transferred to your account by August 31st (refund for the spring semester) or April 30th (refund for the fall semester or a full year).

Students at HiOA Kjeller, HiOA Sandvika or HiOA Kongsvinger

Are you a student at HiOA Kjeller, HiOA Sandvika or HiOA Kongsvinger and not one of our GP patients?
If so, you are welcome to apply for reimbursement of your health expenses exceeding NOK 500,- per calender year. The terms for refunds apply to you as well.   

Students at HiOA Kjeller, HiOA Sandvika or HiOA Kongsvinger can apply for reimbursement using this form