Examination, 2 x-rays and rinse700
Emergency consultation450
Anaesthesia per dosis (when not incl.)95
Temporary filling400
Reattachment of retainer400
White filling, 1 surface depending on the time and the materials580-670-750
White filling 2 surfaces, depending on the time and the materials850-950-1050
White filling 3 surfaces, depending on the time and the materials1090-1190-1280
White filling 4 surfaces, depending on the time and the materials1450
Root canal of vital incisor- canine (tooth 1-3), including x-ray and anesthesia2600
Root canal of vital premolar (tooth 4-5), including x-ray and anesthesia3200
Root canal of vital molar (tooth 6-8), including x-ray and anesthesia3550
Replacement of bactericidal paste (for root canal, incl. x-ray and anesthesia)650
Extraction of tooth, excluding x-ray and anesthesia 760
Tooth extraction with sutures1000
Complicated extraction of tooth, excluding x-ray and anesthesia 1300
Surgical removal of tooth, excluding x-ray and anesthesia 1600**
Surgical removal of tooth, excluding x-ray and anesthesia, without Helfo refund1900
Abscess incision excluding x-ray and anesthesia 500
Removal of stiches 250
Removal of stiches, done by another clinic300
Fissure sealing350
Step-wise excavation included temporary filling1150 per hour
Crown/inlay/onlay excluding dental technician 3500
Post/cone excluding dental technician600
Bite guard1200**
Soft biteguard (technician expenses excluded)600
Other treatments1150 per hour
Not attended 60min appointment620*
Not attended 30min appointment450*
Not attended emergency appointmentNOK 270 per 15 min
Prescription, by post/fax/telephone 50
Prescription, collect at reception35
X-ray on CD50
Bleaching (home bleaching) 2700 for both jaws. 1500 for 1 jaw. 250 for refill of bleaching syringe
* To avoid the not attended fee, you must cancel your appointment within 1 working day prior to your appointment. If your appointment is on a Monday, you have to let us know about your cancellation on the Friday prior during our opening hours.
* If your appointment is longer than 60 mins you must cancel it 2 working days before your actual appointment.
* If you are more than 10 mins late for your appointment, you will be charged the not attended fee. If you have failed to meet up for your appointment twice, you will lose the opportunity to use the SiO Dentists. Our demand is high and unused appointments affect other students.
**Co-pay. Helfo pays the rest of the amount.