SiO Health has test stations at Blindern, Fredrikkeplassen (UiO) and Bislet (OsloMet) and offers free testing of Covid-19 for SiO students, employees and their friends and family.

In addition to testing those that suspect to be infected, we offer selftest for tenants at Kringsjå and Sogn Student Village with no symptoms.

Who should be tested?   
You should be tested if you suspect you have been infected. Suspect infection if you are experiencing symptoms or have been exposed to Covid-19 the past 10 days, due to traveling in an area with a high concentration or been in close proximity for more than 15 minutes to a person that is confirmed infected. For updated testing qualifications please read here.

How to make an appointment?
Students with a Norwegian personal number can order appointment online at Please fill out the information sheet provided prior to your appointment. You can also make an appoinment by calling 22 85 33 00. If there are no appointments available we recommend you to contact Oslo county’s corona telephone 21 80 21 82.

Order appointment for testing

When should you make an appoinment?
If you have symptoms, please book the first available hour. If you have been in close contact with someone with Covid-19, please make an appointment for testing 5 to 7 days after the point of possible infection.

Opening Hours
Here you find the opening hours for the test stations at UiO Blindern and at OsloMet.

How do I get the test answer?
You will be able to check the test answer at within 1-3 three days after taking the test. If you do not have a Norwegian social security number, you must call SiO Health to receive the answer. If you test positive for Covid-19, you will receive a call from the county contagious disease team for further instructions.

For you who live at Kringsjå or Sogn Student Village and have no symptoms we offer selftest. This can be picked up at Athletica Kringsjå in opening hours or at Rolf E. Stenersens Wednesdays at 12 noon to 6 p.m. Some educational institutions also offer selftest for their students.

This is how you perform the selftest  

Covid-19 vaccination
Oslo Municipality is responsible for covid-19 vaccination and SiO Health does not offer this. Read more information about covid-19 vaccination here.

Frequently asked questions and answers
Do you wonder if children can be tested at SiO Health or if you can get an negative test certificate? Read frequently asked questions and answers here