The challenges in your student life can sometimes end up dominating the mind in a way that makes it hard to study.


Many students have challenges in their lives that grow to dominate their mind in a way that makes concentrating on studies difficult.

Having someone to talk to can be helpful and relieving. SiO Health's counsellors are professional counsellors that respect confidentiality and have extensive experience in helping students. Talking to one of our counsellors can help you sort out your thoughts and reflect on your situation. These conversations might lead you to solutions to problems that previously felt impossible. 

We answer any kind of questions; anything from how to finance studies, emotional difficulties, relationships (with family, friends or other students) to study techniques. 

SiO Health's counsellors have offices at Problemveien 9 at BlindernHolbergsgate 21Nydalen and Kjeller.

We will help you find new coping strategies for the life changes you wish to achieve.

Feel free to contact us. One or two sessions are often all it takes to solve a defined problem. However, it is sometimes necessary to continue the sessions over a longer period of time.

SiO Health's counsellors offer individual therapy, couple therapy and family therapy. In addition, we provide several courses and groups. Join our courses and groups here. All our courses are free of charge, but your registration is still binding.

If our sessions conclude that you need and want further help, our counsellors may refer you to another professional resource available at SiO, such as a psychologist or the student’s ombudsman.