SiO specializes in student health. We have general practitioners, dentists, psychologists, counsellors, and nurses, among others. Our services are free or have reduced prices especially for students.

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We have many different courses and groups that can make your everyday life as a student simpler. Learn more about stress regulation, increased concentration or personal finances and much more.With our courses you will receive practical training, good tips and tools, and last but not least- you will meet many others who are in the same situation you are. The courses are in Norwegian.

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Student-friendly prices at the dentist

As a student in Oslo, it’s smart to use our dentists. We have student-friendly prices and professional dentists and dental hygienists. Our dental office is modern and is located at Blindern.

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Talk to our public health nurse

A public health nurse can offer help with birth control guidance, pregnancy, sexual difficulties, conversations about abortion, problems in relationships, questions about sexual identity and gender identity, depression, sexually transmitted infections, among others.You don't need to have a regular GP in SiO to book an appointment with our public health nurse.

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Change your general practitioner to SiO

SiO’s doctors know about student health. We work interdisciplinarily, and can refer you to specialists or psychologists. We have healthcare centers close to campus, and are readily available if you become ill when you have an exam, for example. We also have several digital services, such as video appointments with our general practitioners.

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Ask us anonymously

A free service for students.

Ask about health and student issues.

The website is in norwegian, but you can ask and get an answer in english.

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How to book a doctor's appointment

With a GP in SiO, you can have video appointments, physical appointments, or written consultations.

More about how to book a doctor's appointment

Find a health center near you

SiO has three healthcare centers around Oslo - at Blindern, Nydalen, and in the city center. In addition, we offer counseling services at Kjeller.

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Student prices and refund

Our services are free or have student-friendly prices. In addition, you can apply for a refund for certain healthcare-related expenses that exceed 470 NOK per year,  if you have a GP in SiO. This means that you only have to pay a maximum of 470 NOK each year, and that SiO will cover the rest of your expenses.

Apply for a refund
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