Nordmarkskapellet and Lagshytta are both owned by Oslo's Christian Student Group (OKSL) and located by Slakteren in Nordmarka. Nordmarkskapellet was opened in 1933, and is about 6 km from Frognerseteren, 10 km from Sognsvann and 5 km from Sørkedalen. Nordmarkskapellet provides church service and has an open café Sundays at 12.00 PM.

The area is great for hiking and swimming in Blankvann (distance ca. 1 km) during summer. If you have climbing experience, it is possible to rent equipment and try out the building’s climbing wall. 

  • Bedrooms 14
  • Bed spaces 30+47
  • Sleeps 90
  • Running water
  • Shower
  • Electricity
  • Outdoor toilet
  • Electric heating and oven
  • Fully equipped kitchen, firewood and toilet paper

Snacks and beverages are either sold or self serviced for tenants on Sundays. Drinking alcohol and smoking are not allowed. The cabins have a football field, a volleyball court and a climbing wall.

Prices and rent

To rent the Chapel building or Lagshytta is minimum NOK 1100,- per night Sunday-Friday, and NOK 2200,- Friday-Sunday. Price will still be charged if reservations are cancelled less than a month before. Nordmarkskapellet and

Nordmarkskapellet and Lagshytta are available for rent for anybody, reservations are made here

The minimum price includes the per night fee per person:
Monday-Friday: NOK 110,-  per person per night
Friday-Sunday: 220 NOK,- per person (same amount for one or two nights)
Check availability


The cabins are 10 km from Sognsvann station. From there, you follow the signs to Ullevålseter and further to Nordmarkskapellet. From Voksenkollen or Frognerseteren station the distance is 6 km. Follow the signs to Tryvannsstua and further to Nordmarkskapellet.


916 25 337