Oslo Student Sports Club (OSI) owns the KSI-cabin. The cabin is located in Nordmarka, 6 km from Frognerseteren, 5 km from Sørkedalen and 10 km from Sognsvann. The KSI cabin is close to Blankvann, a lake with great opportunities for swimming and fishing.

The Female Students Sportsclub (KSI), an organisation that merged with OSI around 1980, built the cabin in 1960. The cabin has a fully equipped kitchen, and an outdoor barbeque. There is toilet paper at the cabin, and beer and soda can be bought.

  • Bedrooms 7
  • Bed spaces 28
  • Sleeps 33
  • Running water
  • Shower
  • Electricity
  • Outdoor toilet
  • Electric heating and fireplace
Prices and rent

Members of OSI: NOK 100,-. Students associated to SiO: NOK 150,-. Others: 200,-. Students and members of OSI have priority.


The cabin is 10 km from Sognsvann station. Follow the signs to Ullevålseter, and further towards Nordmarkskapellet.
From Voksenkollen or Frognerseteren station the distance is about 6 km. Follow the signs to Tryvannsstua and further to Nordmarkskapellet. From Sørkedalen Skole the distance is about 5 km. Follow the signs to Studenterhytta and further to Nordmarkskapellet. The cabin is located about 200 meters north of Nordmarkskapellet.


The OSI-office