A student association is a collaboration of students doing something on a volunteer basis. More than 450 different associations are registered at SiO. Before you start up your own association, you should check our association overview to find out if an equivalent association already exists.

If you are a small group of people (concisting of at least four people if you study at UiO) with a common interest or goal, you can start your own association. Begin by agreeing on what the association should be about and what it should be called.

Having an interest or being enthusiastic about something, and wanting to work with it in a more organised way, is a great starting point for an association.  

Notice that some formalities will have to be in Norwegian, and some information still only exists in Norwegian. If you can include a Norwegian speaking student in your association, you make the process easier for yourself. 

If you would like to start an association at UiO or OsloMet you must read the regulations for registering a student association at these institutions. The advantage of registering at the specific institution is getting some special rights at the institution, like access to rooms. 

The University of Oslo's regulations (only in Norwegian)
OsloMet - Oslo Metropolitan University's regulations (only in Norwegian)

If you want the association to be open for all students in Oslo equally, it must follow these regulations: 

The Welfare Council's regulations (only in Norwegian)

Before you start setting up the association, it is worth taking a moment to concider if your group benefits from becoming a formal association. Concider the following: 

  • Would you like the group to be a democracy where members together decide on the direction of the group?
  • Would you like for the group to continue existing also after you are done studying?
  • Would you like for the group to apply for and earn money to make the activities better?
  • Are you up for board meetings, general assemblies and other formalities that is neccesary for an association?

Yes? Then you are good to go! Good luck!