1. Your association’s name is regulated in its statutes/charter. This means that only your AGM (annual general meeting) or an EGM (extraordinary general meeting) one of which you have to officially summon.

2. The general assembly has to vote on the name change, which is by definition a change of your association’s charter. The exact requirements are to be found there. This includes requirements on how many members have to be present, and how big the majority in favour of the change has to be (the most common is 2/3 of votes in favour).

  • Remember to keep a protocol of the meeting, and to have any relevant people sign it.

3. Register the name change at the Brønnøysund Register Centre.

  • Go to https://www.brreg.no/home/
  • Click on “Associations” and choose “Coordinated register notification in Altinn” under “Other topics”
  • Click on “Register or change a company/entity”
  • You will be forwarded to Altinn. You can change the site’s language in the top right corner.
  • Click on the blue button “Start tjeneste” (in Norwegian) or “Start service” under “Coordinated register notification – Registering a new entity or changing information regarding an existing entity.”
  • Log in with your ID.
  • The following sites are only available in Norwegian for the time being. It will ask you “Hva ønsker du å gjøre?” Select “Endre eller legge til nye opplysninger” and press the blue button “Neste”.
  • The site will ask for you «organisasjonsnummer». This is your organisation number, your association’s ID. Fill it in and click on “Hent”.
  • The name and contact information of your association should appear on screen. Click on “Neste”.
  • Now it is time to select what kind of information you want to update. Select “Navnet på foreningen” and click “Neste”.
  • You will then have to fill in and send your new name, and upload a few documents as attachments (“Vedlegg”) to your request. This is the protocol of the general assembly that voted on the name change, and the new and updated charter that resulted from it.

4. Contact your bank and update the account’s name.

5. Update your contact info and inform all other relevant authorities of the name change, especially any suppliers, financial aid organisations, and collaborators you may have or with whom you would be in contact.

6. Update your charter where applicable, remember to upload it to “My associations”.

7. Change your associations name on “My associations”. Remember to include a Norwegian (or English) version. Remember to update all the information there about your association there to reflect the change of name.

8. If you are affiliated with any (educational or international) institution/organisation/university/faculty, inform these instances of the change.

9. If applicable, contact your web provider and ask about any possibilities to change your URL and/or email addresses.

10. Change the name of your Facebook page (you’ll need admin rights for this).

  • About -> Edit (next to your page name) -> Fill in the new name -> Continue -> Request Change
  • NB! It may take a few days before Facebook approves this.

11. If your page has a username also, change this too.

  • About -> Edit (next to the username) -> Fill in the new username -> Continue -> Request Change
  • NB! It may take a few days before Facebook approves this.

12. Spread the word about your new name via your website, social media, and any other channels at your disposition.