The competition #minforening has started!

We want to see what you do in your student association!

Share pictures from your student association on Instagram with the hashtag #MinForening.

Show us what you do in your association! We will pick a winner who will receive 5000 NOK to their association. The prize money must be used on a social event for all the members of the association. 

The competition starts on the 2nd of March and will end on the 23rd of March at 23.59.

Need inspiration? Check out pictures tagged with #minforening here.

* You have to be a member of a student association approved by SiO to participate in the competition. 
** The pictures you enter the compeition with must be new, e.g. you are not allowed to tag previous published pictures.
** To receive the prize money the winner will have to show a plan of the social event the money will be spent on.
*** SiO reserves the right to use the pictures tagged in the competition period for our own purpose. 

Last year Kling Kokos won with this picture:

Kling Kokos_3