SiO Athletica is changing the rules for booking of group training classes

With today’s booking rules it may seem like the classes are fully booked, when they actually have available places at the start of the classes. This is due to members booking more classes than they turn up to, because they cancel too late or simply forget to cancel their bookings. We want to make our group training classes more available and therefore have had to revise our booking rules. We have received many good suggestions from you and have tried to come up with the best solution for all parts.

From April 4th you can book classes 5 days in advance and you can be booked for 5 classes at the same time. You can cancel your booking up to 3 hours before the class starts.  You have to turn up and print your ticket up until 10 minutes before the class starts. See all the changes here

Shorter waiting lists

We wish that members book more sensibly; that they book classes they actually turn up to, which will help decrease waiting lists. We also encourage members to pay attention to their place in the line/the waiting list and cancel their booking in good time if they won’t make it. If you are on the waiting list for a morning class and know that you can't make it you should cancel your waiting list booking.

No changes to remarks

If you fail to cancel your booking, and don’t show up for class, you will receive a remark. If this happens twice, you will be locked out from online booking for a 30 days period. If you wish, you can repeal the block by paying a fee of NOK 75.

Having trouble with your bookings? Please e-mail us