Here’s a boost for you during the dark autumn - come and work out at Athletica and win great prizes!

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We will pick a winner each week, and on November 12th we will pick 3 main winners per Athletica Club.

How does it work?
In the reception area at each gym you will find Athletica Boost cards. Fill out the card after your workout with your name and mobile number, and then mark on the right check box for what kind of workout you did. Put the card in the Athletica Boost box. You can hand in cards every time you have been working out, but you can take a maximum of one card per day.

What can I win?
Every week, we will pick a winner of minibands and an Athletica drink bottle at each gym.

Main prizes per gym
1. TRX Home Gym
2. Polar heart rate monitor
3. Yoga Kit