Moving out? We have made a list of things you must remember to clear and clean before moving out.


Remember to clear all your belongings before moving out. Your room/flat must be clear and tidy and must be up to the same standard it was when you moved in.

  • Bathroom: Remove all your belongings, including empty bottles and containers.
  • Kitchen: You will have to empty the kitchen cabinet that you used. Remember to empty your part of the refrigerator and freezer. Also, remember to empty the rubbish.
  • Wardrobe: remember to clear your wardrobe if you have a private one outside of your room. It is not allowed to leave private furniture in the residence.
  • Storage room: If you have access to a private storage room, remember to empty this before moving out. Also check out the common storage room if there is any. Do not forget your bike if you have one stored in the storage rooms.

If you wish leave kitchen utensils, food or other things behind to those you have shared a kitchen or bathroom with, it is a nice thought, but remember to ask your roommates first.

Before moving out, it is important to clean your residence well, so that the student moving in after you can move in to a clean and nice flat.

Living in a room? This is how you clean your room before moving.

Living in a flat? This is how you clean your flat before moving.