When the alarm goes off, it is usually caused by cooking. Here are some tips to avoid that the alarm goes off in your residence or common kitchen.

Do not leave the kitchen when cooking
Do not leave the stove when cooking. When you turns on the stove, you are responsible until the food is ready and the stove is turned off. If you forget the food on the stove, the alarm will go off.

Use the fan - or air well
Use the kitchen fan when cooking. When using the waffle iron, toaster, rice cooker etc; place this under the hood. If you don’t have a fan in your flat, air well through the window.

Keep baking shelves and oven clean
Burned leftovers may trigger the fire alarm. Wipe of baking shelves and oven after cooking. This also makes it nicer for those who come after you.

Do not remove the fire detector
If the fire detector is removed, this may cause errors that put the entire fire safety system out and other residents in great danger. SiO Housing will be notified of the error caused, and when this is located the responsible will be charged for work on reinstalling the detector.

Our student houses has automatic alert
All our buildings have fire security systems that automatically will alert the entire building, as well as the local fire department directly.