Workout Wednesday is SiO Athletica’s monthly members’ day with special activites and great offers.

One Wednesday each month we have a member’s day we call Workout Wednesday. This day we set up exciting activities and competitions to show that we appreciate you as a member. Next Workout Wednesday on September 18th will take place at Athletica Kringsjå



Booking for all activities opens 5 days before. To book you can download the "My SiO"-app or book here!

TRX Basic med Martine F.
06.45 – 07.30: TRX Basic.
TRX - or suspension training – is an effective type of strength training for your entire body. The exercises are executed in intervals, using your own body weight as resistance. This class is suitable for beginners to TRX.

Outdoor Miniband Bootcamp with Martine F
15.00-16.00: Miniband Bootcamp
Miniband Bootcamp is a fun workout to get your body moving with only the use of one smart and simple tool: minibands. Depending on the weather, the class will be kept outdoors or inside in the studio.

Strength for Skiers with OSI Langrenn
16.00 – 16.55: Strength for Skiers
Winter is coming! Join OSI Crosscountry for a strength workout that will prepare you for the ski season. A fun session outdoors at 'the square' at Kringsjå Studentby. The group class is open for everyone to join.

Interval Running (4x4) with Martina M.
17.00 – 17.40: Interval Running (4x4)
Improve your fitness and join the running class on the treadmill in the gym (in the studio area). We vary between different intervals and the class is suitable for anyone who can run.

Outdoor Gym Park Workout with Sanna G
18.00 – 18.45: Outdoor Gym Park Workout
Learn how to use the gym park outdoors at Kringsjå with an instructor. There will be an introduction of exercises followed by an effective and fun workout. We use the park and work at stations with different exercises. You will also get advices on how to adjust the exercises to different levels.

Outdoor running to Vettakollen
18.00 – 19.00: Hill Running: Vettakollen
Join us for a quick visit to Vettakollen and enjoy Oslos best view! Running/jogging or walking, this route is about 8km in total. We will split the group into three tempo variations and you choose your own tempo; no one will be left behind!

Ask a PT!
Between 17.00 and 20.30 you can meet one of our PTs on stand. They can answer anything you wonder about personal training! In addition, there will be the opportunity to enter a competition where you can participate in the prize draw to win one of 3 PT sessions!

Free breakfast
We serve free breakfast at all our six clubs from opening hours until 10 am. Come join us for a morning class and finish the session with breakfast. Welcome!

Save the date!
Workout Wednesday is a monthly event where we want to show our members that we appreciate them. Save the WW dates ahead: