Workout Wednesday is SiO Athletica’s monthly members’ day with special activites and great offers.

Workout Wednesday is SiO Athletica's monthly membership day with special activities and great deals.

On one Wednesday of the month we have a member’s day we call Workout Wednesday. This day we set up exciting activities and competitions to show that we appreciate you as a member. Workout Wednesday rolls between our six clubs, and the next Workout Wednesday, February 19th, will take place at the Athletica Kringsjå. Check out the program below and sign up for the different sessions!



Booking for all activities opens five days before Workout Wednesday. Download the "My SiO" app to book the different sessions or book here!

One lucky winner of each of these activities described below wins a goodie bag!

Yoga Classic at Union864
07:45 am - 08:40 am with Silje S.
A simple yoga class with variation between the calm and the active parts of yoga. During this class you will have the ability to work on strength, flexibility and body control through different positions and breathing exercises.
Level: Suitable for everyone
Everyone who joins this class will get a free froosh smoothie!

Strength for skiers
6 pm - 6:45 pm with «OSI Langrenn»
Winter is coming! Join OSI Crosscountry for a strength workout that will prepare you for the ski season. A fun session outdoor at "torget" at Kringsjå Studentby.
Level: Suitable for everyone

Super Cage Challenge
7 pm - 7:45 pm with Hannah og Martina
We take the Cage Challange to the extreme! This will be a class of sweat and joy. We use more equipment than normal and step up the levels! This will challenge you within your own limitations!
Level: Suitable for everyone

Test a PT for free
10:30 pm - 10:55 pm, 11 pm - 11:25 pm, 11:30 pm - 11:55 pm with Matias

Are you curious about what we say to train with a personal trainer? Would you like to get to know a personal trainer before buying sessions? This Workout Wednesday, you have the opportunity to get acquainted With one of our PTs at Athletica Kringsjå. They run "test a PT for free" which you book as a usual class on or in the app. During the session you will get an introduction to what the PT can help you with.T/massage packages! Workout Wednesday is the last chance to buy packages with this offer 

PT/massage offer
February 14th - 19th we have 15% off on all PT/massage packages! Workout Wednesday is the last chance to buy packages with this offer

Free breakfast
We serve free breakfast at all our six clubs from opening hours until 10 am. Come and join us for a morning workout session and start your morning with breakfast on us. Welcome!

Save the dates!
Workout Wednesday is a regularly monthly event each month where we want to show you how much we value you as a member. Save these WW dates:

 • March 18th: Athletica Blindern

• April 15th: Athletica Vulkan

• May 13th: Athletica Domus

• June 10th: Athletica Centrum