Terms for use of the laundry services

1 - Amount paid is immediately available for buying laundry services. If the amount is unavailable, do not repeat the payment, but contact SiO.
2 - Payments can be made by Visa or MasterCard.
3 - Only the amounts specified below can be paid. If you wish to pay a larger amount, please repeat the payment procedure.
4 - SiO is responsible for credit card transactions made through this website.
5 - Customer data will not be made available or sold to a third party, and will be handled in accordance with Norwegian law.
6 -The amount paid can only be used to start of laundry machines, payment for detergent, fees associated with booking of washing and / or to send SMS.
7 -Any complaints such as purchased program cannot be started, shall be directed to SiO.
8 - The remaining balance (balances) can be repaid within 6 months from the laundry's account page. Any amount less than 100 NOK is not refundable.
9 - The reservation for the machines lasts up to 15 minutes from the point of reservation, after that others are free to use it. Your card will be charged 15 NOK if you don’t use it, so make sure you cancel your reservation if you are not going to wash.

Keep in mind that with most cards you also need to use an id chip or similar.