Do you have any questions regarding your membership, rules regarding freezing your membership, or invoicing now after the COVID-19 shutdown and reopening? You’ll find the answers below.

Updated May 23


What happens to my membership at the reopening on May 26?
Your membership will be activated again from May 26, but you can book training slots now.

What happens to payment?
For those of you who have been a member since before November, we will compensate for the closed days in November. More detailed information about your payment will be closer to invoicing.

When you paused the membership, does this use up my rights to freeze my membership?
You did not have to freeze the membership while we were closed. The fact that we paused your membership did not affect your rights to freeze at a later time.


Do you have group session offers?
Indoor Group training sessions are prohibited, but we will have a group training offer outdoors.

Do you have online training?
Yes, all members of SiO Athletica have access to the most popular group sessions in the Mitt SiO-app and our webpage. Here you might start a training session whenever it suits you.

Are tennis and squash courts open?
Members of SiO Athletica can book the tennis courts. Equipment cannot be bought or borrowed at the reception. The squash courts are kept closed.  


Will you offer courses?
No, indoor Group trainin is prohibited, and courses are subjct to these regulations. If you want to get your money back from a previously canceled course, you can. Then you must contact us via the contact form.

I have purchased PT sessions Will I loose these now?
PT sessions you have already paid for, you will be able to use indoors at the club. You can use your sessions on an outdoor PT.