Several of our laundries have washing machines with automatic detergent dosing.

The machine chooses automatically the detergent which is best suited for the program you choose.

The detergents are environmentally friendly with a skin-friendly pH value. The automatic dosing system ensures correct dosing of detergent in every wash.

The detergent used in your laundry:

  • Coloured and white normal – Turbo Emulsion Future M
    Detergent for cotton and polyester for temperatures from 30 °C and higher.  Phosphate free product without optical brightener and perfume.

  • Wool - Ecobrite Detergent M
    Detergent for wool, silk and delicate fabrics.  Without optical brightener.

  • White fabrics  - Ozonit
    Detergent for all white textiles suitable for temperature at 60°C , except wool and silk. Gentle detergent for bleaching and disinfection.

  • Fabric softener – Turbo Finale NR
    Fabric softener which neutralize pH in the last rinse. Provides soft and comfortable textiles while preventing static electricity.