This is SiO Associations

SiO Associations consists of five employees and a manager, all of which have long experience and a high degree of competency in managing volunteer work and student associations. Get in touch with us by sending an email to or directly to one of us.



Mike Fürstenberg

Responsible for course development and institutions.

"In a student association you can meet new and interesting people, and master new fields"

Mike earned his B.Sc at Oslo University College of Applied Science (HiOA) in 2002. During his time as a student he worked for the Student Parliament at HiOA for two years. After that Mike has had several functions within SiO Associations. Mike is also involved in several volunteer associations, like “TV-aksjonen” a national fundraising organization, and local sports teams at Tåsen. / 917 32 915


KatrineKatrine Knoph Nilsen

Advisor for management and directorial work, organisational development and motivation. Responsible for courses concerning leaders and board work.

"Whichever your starting point, your years as a student will be better by being a part of a student association"

Katrine is a political scientist who also has studied organisation and leadership and has earned a M.A from the University of Oslo. She has done research on motivation in volunteer work among students,
and has worked as volunteer coordinator for the music festival “Norwegian wood”. She also has broad experience from the Norwegian Student Society, through cafee management, event management, the board of director and from the management of music festivals. / 467 43 628



Linn Seime Thistel

Advisor for communication and recruitment

"Joining a student society is the safest choice you make as a student"

Linn earned her B.A in media and communication studies from the Oslo University College of Applied Science (HiOA), combined with a year studying travel management in Lillehammer. Throughout the studies she was involved in several student associations, for example as editor in chief of the student paper at the Lillehammer University College and as manager of the communications department at the Norwegian student society (DNS). / 453 92 017



Robert Solli

Project coordinator for “Associations for everyone”

“A student association will become your second, crazy, home quicker than you realize”

Robert earned his B.Sc in physics from the University of Oslo and is currently pursuing a M.Sc in computational physics. During his studies he has been active in the faculty association “Realistforeningen” at the faculty of mathematics and natural sciences where he was chairman of the board in 2015. He also has experience from UNICEF with analytics and recruitment work. Robert will use his experience from volunteer work, and methods and tools from his field of study during his tenure at SiO Associations.