Forening For Alle

Being part of a student association is both social and educational, and we hope that through “Forening for alle” you’ll find an association that will improve your time as a student.

«Forening for alle» (roughly translated: Associations for everyone) is a project maintained with the purpose of bringing students closer to the student associations.

We know that for many the concept of student associations is a new one. So the thought behind “Forening for alle” is to lower the threshold for contacting an association. The associations that are part of the project are very good at recruiting, and are very inclusive of new members.

In each “Forening for alle”-association there are two association buddies you can contact to get more info about what you can expect when joining the association. The association buddy can also meet you before your first interaction with the association if you’d like.

Forening for alle

You can find the associations that are part of “Forening for alle” by looking for the symbol on the right. You’ll see the symbol in the the association list and on the association's own promotional material.
You can read more about, and contact, all the associations that are part of the project here:

If none of these associations capture your interest, you can view the full list of all the student associations in Oslo here.

You can also send an email to, and we will help you find your perfect association.

If you have questions about “Forening for alle”, or student associations in general, please get in touch with us at SiO Associations.

Does your association want to be part of “Forening for alle”?

Associations that are interested in being part of the “Forening for alle” project can get in touch with us at SiO Associations. There is no upper limit to the number of associations that can be included in the project, and we would like to have as many as possible.

However, a “Forening for alle”-association must:

  • Be registered as a student association at “My page” and follow the rules and regulations maintained by the associations institution of study (e.g. HiOA, UiO).
  • Be able to receive and include many new members at the same time
  • Have a broad focus in their recruitment. The association must be open to a large part of the student-body. And membership must not be restricted to students belonging to a specific institute, degree or other smaller subsets.
  • Have a webpage (or equivalent) that contains a list of events held by the association
  • Recruit members actively outside of the semester start weeks.
  • Have a clear activity profile: The association must be clear on what makes up their primary activity and what the new members can be expected to do after joining.
  • Arrange at least one open event per month
  • Maintain a stable operation over time

We hold courses for new association buddies at the end of each semester. The deadline for applying to be a “Forening for alle” association is therefore the 15th of November in the autumn and the 15th of May in the spring.

If you have questions please get in touch with us by email or by stopping by our office in Kristian Ottesens hus at Blindern.