Do you need a corona certificate? Here you will find information on how to proceed. The first thing is to sign up in the reception at one of our medical centers.

How do I proceed to obtain a corona certificate?

  1. Sign up at the reception at one of our medical centers at Blindern or Holbergsgate 21 unless you have symptoms of a respiratory infection or suspect that you have covid-19.    
  2. Payment is made by card at the reception (NOK 200)    
  3. Visit our test station at Blindern or OsloMet for a drop-in appointment. See opening hours for the test stations here.  
  4. The certificate is picked up at the reception at our medical center at Blindern 2-3 working days after the test has been taken

Please note that a test taken without indication only shows that the patient was healthy or did not have enough detectable virus at the time of testing.