Last updated April 8

Does SiO Health offers covid-19 test for children? 
Yes, we offer testing of children from primary school age and up. Children with fever and cough should be tested for covid-19, while children with a runny nose as the only symptom, which is otherwise in good general condition without other signs of a new respiratory infection, do not need to be kept at home or tested. Children with mild symptoms of respiratory infection, without cough and fever, can look after the symptoms and stay home for a few days before testing

Can I get a negative Covid-19 test certification from SiO Health?
Yes, if you are a student or employee at one of SiOs associated educational institutions and dont have any symptoms, you can get an certification. The test fee is 200 NOK.

How do I proceed to obtain a corona certificate?

  1. Sign up at the reception at one of our medical centers, Monday to Friday from 8 am to 2 pm, unless you have symptoms of a respiratory infection or suspect that you have covid-19.
  2. Payment is made by card at the reception (NOK 200)
  3. Visit our test station at Blindern or OsloMet for a drop-in appointment
  4. The certificate is picked up at the reception 2-3 working days after the test has been taken

Please note that a test taken without indication only shows that the patient was healthy or did not have enough detectable virus at the time of testing.