If you are a SiO student you can make an appointment to be tested for covid-19.

The testing takes place in an outdoor health container on Frederikkeplassen at UiO, campus Blindern. Please note that the testing center is not inside SiO Healths facilities, but outside the building.

To get tested you must make an appointment in advance. There are no drop-in appointments and no acceptations to this rule.

Who should be tested?
You should make and appointment if you suspect you are infected with covid-19.
Please read the up to date testing qualifications here.

How do I order testing?
To make an appointment for testing please call 22 85 33 00 Monday through Friday between 8:15 - 11:00 and 12:30 - 14:30. You will receive a specific time and place to meet up for testing.

Please note that the SiO Health Station is only a supplement to the main Oslo county testing centers. To make an appointment for testing through Oslo county call 21 80 21 82

How is testing conducted?
At the test center a nurse will take a throat and nose swab with the same Q-tip. You will not be examined by a doctor. The test is conducted free of charge. There are no blood tests available through this service to determine immune status. Polymerase Chain Reaction test for active illness only.

How do I get the test answer?
You will be able to check the test answer at helsenorge.no and at furstpasient.no in one or two days.
If you do not have a Norwegian social security number, you must call SIO Health Services to receive the answer.

If you test positive for covid-19, you will receive a call from the county contagious disease team for further instructions.

Do you need acute medical care?
Contact the emergency department at 116117 or 113 if there is immediate threat to life.