Welcome back to SiO Athletica! We are so happy to finally re-open.

Hurray! We are reopening our gyms!

Find our opening hours for the time being right here.

We are very focused on the health guidelines in order to take care of both our members and our employees. Here you can read the guidelines concerning working out, as well as what measures SiO Athletica is installing in order to prevent the spreading of the virus.

The short version is: practice social distancing, wash your hands and the exercise equipment, avoid touching your face, and stay at home if you experience any symptoms.

General rules

  • If you experience any Covid-19 symptoms, you are not to come to our facilities.
  • Keep good hygiene:
  • Clean the equipment well, maintain good hand and cough hygiene, and avoid touching tour face with your hands
  • Wash your hands/use desinfectant before and after using any piece of equipment and mats.
  • All members MUST bring their own towel.
  • SiO Athletica washes all the equipment with water and soap after closing hours, as well as throughout the day, depending on frequency of use and the type of equipment.
  • Keep your distance-no physical contact between members is allowed.

Mandatory booking of training time and classes

  • Because of disease prevention the attendance capacity in our facilities is reduced. For this reason you have to book a time to work out, both for the gym, pool and group exercise classes. You find the booking here. If you need any help booking call us at  22 59 69 50.
  • If you are working out by yourself, you can stay for 1 hours and 45 minutes in the facility.
  • When you arrive you will have to «check in» at the front desk to confirm your booking for the gym or a class.
  • You must bring your own towel during training. You should use this on the appliances you use and between you and your mat.
  • If you have booked a group exercise class, this is the time you have at your disposal in the facility. If you wish more time you have to book it in addition to the class. You find the booking here.
  • The booking guidelines are updated, booth for group exercise classes and for booking training time in the studio or the pool. Read them here. 

Distance in general

  • For hard physical workouts in group training room or studio: keep 2 meters distance between employees and other members.
  • For less hard sessions and at rest: keep 1 meter distance between employees and other members.

Group exercise

  • We do no longer have a receipt system for our group exercice classes. Show up at the current group training room. Here, your attendance is recorded by the instructor before the class begins.
  • You MUST bring your own towel during training.
  • The number of people in group training classes depends on the size of the room at the center as well as associated wardrobes, shared showers and toilets.
  • For hard physical workouts in group training room or studio: keep 2 meters distance between employees and other members.
  • For less hard sessions and at rest: keep 1 meter distance between employees and other members.
  • SiO Athletica sets up at least 15 minutes between each group workout.
  • We have made available for disinfection in the group training rooms.
  • Body contact classes are not conducted at SiO Athletica.
  • We also ensure that all instructors have their own microphones or their own protection on the microphones.

Personal training

  • We recall good hygiene practices and the current distance.
  • You must bring your own towel for the hour with PT.
  • Wash hands before and after exercise, clean hands and appliances after use with available detergent/disinfectant.

Locker rooms  and sauna

  • The locker rooms at our clubs are open and we ask you to keep a good distance in our wardrobes. Keep at least one meter distance from other members.
  • The saunas at our clubs are closed.
  • We recommend that you stay as little as possible in the wardrobe, so you have the opportunity to shower at home and we encourage you to do so.
  • Handheld hair dryers can be used if you wash your hands before and after use. 

Swimming pool at Athletica Domus

  • Due to infection control, we have limited capacity for how many can be in wardrobes and swimming pools. Swim time must therefore be booked via this site for 1 hour and 45 minutes at center. If you need help booking for training time then you can call us at 22 59 69 50.
  • Locker rooms connected to the swimming pools are open, and all visitors must wash with soap and water in the shower before and after the bath.
  • Please keep a minimum distance of 1 meter between those staying in the locker romms and in the shower, as well as in queue areas (eg diving boards, entrances and common areas).
  • Handheld hair dryers can be used if you wash your hands before and after use.
  • Personal equipment should not be used or shared with others, such as a nose pinch, bathing cap, etc.

The indoor hall and the courts

  • As a member you can rent a tennis court. Book tennis court here in advance and register your booking at the front desk as you arrive. We do not rent out equipment for the time beeing, so  you need to bring your own. Do not share your equipmemt with others. The squash courts are kept closed.
  • The indoor hall and the artificial turf is  open for organized training in accordance with guidelines established for each individual activity. Equipment to be used has to be brought and can not be borrowed from SiO Athletica.

Cleaning of our facilities

  • Our facilities have been thouroughly cleaned before re-opening.
  • SiO Athletica has established good cleaning routines, including lists of what is to be cleaned and the frequency of cleaning.
  • SiO Athletica  ensures additional cleaning of frequently used surfaces, (such as door handles, card readers and sinks).
  • Disinfectant is easily accessible at strategic locations throughout the facility( at the front desk, in our locker rooms and in our toilets.)
  • Re-filling of the hygiene stations is done frequently.
  • SiO Athletica washes down equipment regularly.

Child care

  • Since it is difficult to keep a safe distance between children, the child care at Athletica Vulkan is closed until further notice.

Try us out!

  • If you wish to try SiO Athletica by using a free trial, please call us at 22 59 69 50 so we can book a time for you.

Guest training from other student welfare organisations

  • If you are a member at a  facility affiliated with another student welfare organisation and want to guest work out with us, please call us at 22 59 69 50 to book a training time or class. Please bring your student ID with you.

Punch cards

  • Do you have a punch card and wish to work out with us? Please call us at 22 59 69 50 to book a work out time or class.
  • New punch cards will not be sold during this period.

Do you have questions about your membership, billing and freeze your membership? Read more about this here.