In these days, when many people are in quarantine or isolation, and are generally encouraged to stay at home as much as possible, it is nice to know that SiO Health offers digital services.

Video appointments
We offer video appointments for most of our services. You can get video consultation with your doctor, health nurse, counsellor, psychologist and psychometric physiotherapist. A video appointment is a regular doctor’s appointment online, via the SiO Health app or browser (supported by Google Chrome and Firefox only).

Order a video appointment on the healthcare website.

Digital prescription renewal
If you are using fixed medication or you’ve had an appointment with us before, and your doctor has prescribed emergency medicine for you, you can use the digital prescription renewal.
Before ordering a prescription renewal, it is important to check if you already have any active prescriptions under the "Medicines and prescriptions” tab on After ordering, you may need to wait up to five business days until the prescription is renewed. You will be notified when your recipe is ready.