Here you can find frequently asked question regarding our infection prevention measures.

SiO Customer Service have many inquires at the moment, and we ask you to kindly try to find the answer to your questions on this page before you contact us.

Frequently asked questions - SIO Athletica

Last Updated: May 19th


Why are all of your clubs closed?

Our clubs are cloased to safeguard the health of our customers and employees, and to contribute to the national benefits of reducing further spreading of the infection.

How long will the clubs stay closed?
We do not know how long we will keep our clubs closed, and we will follow the advice and recommendations given by the Directorate of Health.

Have you opened up for group training?
Yes, we now offer outdoor group training. There are maximum 20 spots available for each class, in accordance with current health regulations. See schedule and book group training here.

Do you have online training?
Yes, in the Mitt SiO app you can join our most popular group sessions online. You can also train with us in social media. On Facebook we live stream group sessions every Tuesday and Thursday, and on Instagram we post videos of exercises and inspiration on how to work out from home.

Can we use SiO Athletica's outdoor areas, e.g. the outdoor gym at Kringsjå or the football field outside Athletica Domus while the clubs are closed?
Yes, you can now use the outdoor gym at Kringsjå and the football field outside Athletica Domus. Use of the artificial turf requires advance booking. For booking and questions, please contact us at

Can we use the multipurpose hall even though the clubs are closed?
No, all SiO Athletica's areas are closed, both indoors and outdoors.

Can I schedule outdoor PT time with my PT?
No, SiO Athletica has temporarily closed all activity for the time being while our clubs are closed.


What happens to my membership now?
We paused your membership when we temporarily closed all our six clubs. This means that we do not charge you for your membership until we open the doors again.

Have I used up my rights to freeze my membership this year?
No. You keep all your rights to freeze your membership after the situation is normalized and the clubs have reopened.

Can I freeze my membership while the clubs are closed?
You do not need to freeze your membership while we are closed. We pause your membership during this period. This means that we do not charge for membership until we open again.

Do I have to pay for my membership now that you keep closed?
No, we do not charge for your membership during the period we are closed.

Can I get my money back for the weeks I am not able to use my membership?
You will not receive any money back, but we will pause your membership during the period we are closed. This means you won't pay anything for your membership until we open again.

Will the next invoice be reduced since I cannot use my membership?
We will not reduce your invoice, but we will pause your membership until you can use our clubs again.

Do I need to do something to pause my membership?
No, you don't have to do anything. We will automatically pause all our members' memberships until we open our clubs again.


I have already booked and paid for courses. What will happen to this now?
We will hold the courses when we open the clubs again. You will then get a new place in the course you have signed up for. If you would rather get a refund, you can. Then you must contact us via the contact form

I had signed up for a course, will this course be held now?
We will reschedule the courses when we open again. You will be informed of this when we know when the course will be held.

I have purchased PT sessions Will I loose these now?
You can use your purchased PT sessions as soon as we open again.

I have booked the squash court next week, can I get the money back?
Unfortunately, we cannot refund your money, but you will have the opportunity to rebook the squash court when we open again.

My team has booked the multi-purpose hall for training, can we use the hall even if the center is closed?
No, all our facilities are closed, including the multi-purpose hall

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