As of Friday, March 13th, all kindergartens have been closed. The authorities have informed us that kindergartens are planned to reopen as of April 20th, and we look forward to opening our kindergartens again.

We take the safety of the children, parents and our employees seriously, and will follow national advice and standards in regards to reopening the kindergartens.The reopening will happen gradually and in a controlled manner. There will be more information during week 16 as to the reopening.

Society critical personel and especially vulnerable children
Society critical personel have the possibility to have their child(ren) in kindergarten during the closure, in order to upkeep society critical functions. The criteria is that both parents have functions that fall under this definition.

There are also some children that have a specific need to be in kindergarten. These are defined as «especially vulnerable children», who will not receive the proper care and attention at home that they require, based on a «life and health» evaluation.

These are challenging times for all of us, also for the youngest children. Luckily we live in a time where we can still keep in touch through interactive channels. Stay in touch with each other, everyone appreciates this.