What is SiO?
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About SiO
What is SiO?
SiO is a student welfare organisation.
Foto: Stein J. Børge
The student cafeterias are a natural meeting place for students.
Foto: Stein J. Børge
Indoor cycling is a popular activity.
Foto: Stein J. Børge
SiO offers a variety of housing options.

All universities and colleges that receive government grants are associated with a student welfare organisation. The role of the student welfare organisation is to look after students' welfare needs at their places of learning.


SiO provides services to approx. 55,000 students, at 26 educational institutions in Oslo and Akershus. Students at these educational institutions automatically benefit from SiO's student services after paying the semester fee of NOK 550.


Our primary remit is to offer students products and services that
• aid effective learning and a stimulating student experience
• promote high quality of studies
• facilitate conditions for student welfare


SiO aims to be an exceptional service company for its users and to assist the associated educational institutions to maintain the country's most attractive learning environments.


All SiO's revenues go directly back to the students. SiO does not aim to achieve a financial surplus, but simply to have sound finances that allow us to manage the students' assets in the best possible way, for the students. The welfare services are financed in part through the semester fee. SiO also receives a direct government grant and support from the educational institutions in the shape of rent-free premises. The surplus from our commercial activities is transferred to the welfare departments.
Key indicators for SiO's finances are presented in our annual report (only Norwegian).


The students are in the majority on the welfare organisation's highest authority, its board, which sets the semester fee and determines the services that the organisation should offer its students. The student representatives in the board are elected by the student democracy at the educational institutions. In addition, the board also includes representatives from the educational institutions and the employees of the student welfare organisation.


Act and Regulations
SiO was established in 1939 and is Norway's oldest student welfare association. Our activities are founded on:

The Act relating to student welfare organisations (only Norwegian)
and The Regulations relating to student welfare organisations (only Norwegian)



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